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plane Heraklion airport woes

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plane Heraklion airport woes
03 August, 2013 11:58

Tourists without cash - no ATMs - 3 August, 2013

Because of the high rent rates at Heraklion airport, banks withdrew their interest in installing ATMs on the spot.

For 20 days the airport has been left in the dark, without an ATM on the entire airport, so that tourists are left without euros in their pocket, so they can not even buy a bottle of water - or have no means for shopping duty free!

According to what the Airport Manager G. Pliakas told: "There is a serious problem with the lack of ATMs and hopefully this will be resolved soon".

Airport without water

Meanwhile, yesterday morning, the airport remained for several hours without water due to damage which was restored later. The situation looked like the third world.

Luggage belt broken

Moreover, one of the four luggage belts carrying suitcases broke, resulting in great inconvenience for tourists. Today it will be attempted to restore the damage.

From: [www.cretalive.gr]

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Re: plane Heraklion airport woes
06 August, 2013 11:16

Duty Free at the airport confirms by phone they accept both cards and cash, "everything is as usual". I guess CretaLive is too imaginative.

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