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Yoga, Art, Body-Soul Movement, Creative Dance, Tai Chi, Vegetarian Cooking and guided Hikes in Chora Sfakion
by Eugenia

yoga in chora sfakion

Chora Sfakion is the ideal place to practice techniques that bring one closer to oneself and others, and help you relax, by connecting with the body and breath. The ancient art and science of yoga is one of these practices that are offered regularly during the summer season. Whether you have never tried yoga before or are an experienced practitioner, our classes will add a different dimension of newfound, invigorating relaxation to your holiday.

The yoga styles offered daily during the summer are Iyengar and Yin yoga.

Iyengar yoga is a form of Hatha yoga that was developed through the pioneering work of B.K.S. Iyengar. A typical Iyengar yoga class focuses on precision of movement and correct alignment for a safe and often therapeutic practice. Classes comprise of a series of asanas (physical postures), usually held for some time, pranayama (breathing awareness), and meditative techniques (sitting in silence, concentration techniques). Through these practices, deep relaxation and the development of awareness of the body and mind in the present moment are encouraged. The student overcomes physical and mental/emotional limits and develops power, control, patience, and physical and mental harmony. All classes start with a few minutes of silence and breathing, and end with deep relaxation.

Yin Yoga (sometimes referred to as "needleless acupuncture") affects organ health in the same way as acupuncture by applying constant pressure along the meridians, which activates and stimulates the body's energy channels, while clearing energy blockages. To achieve this, poses are held for at least 3 minutes. In this way, it facilitates the distribution of chi into the cells and organs of the body and guides us into a harmonious synthesis of action and stillness. It contributes to the flexibility of joints, strengthens the immune system, releases excess tension, brings a feeling of ease and lightness in the body, and increases overall viatlity.

At certain dates during summer 2013, Hiking excursions (4-11 June), Body-Soul Movement (13-20 June, 12-19 July, 9-16 September and 17-24 September), Visual and Performative Art (12-19 July), Creative Dance (29 July-5 August) and Tai Chi Chuan (23-30 August) classes will also be offered at YogaOnCrete. You can find more information on these classes here.

Massage treatments (holistic massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy) are also offered, by our on site therapist. Please contact us for details.

All our teachers and practitioners are qualified and highly experienced, and together with the rest of the staff members create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which the practices unfold.

Classes take place in the village dance hall, in the Mesohori neighbourhood. Morning classes are usually between 8.00 and 10.00, and afternoon classes between 18.30 and 20.00. Once a week we also organize a guided hike in the Aradaina gorge via Marmara beach to Loutro.

Drop-in classes cost 15 EURO, two classes a day 24 EURO (please quote sfakia-crete).

Yoga on Crete


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Hospitality Sfakia

Hospitality in Sfakia

The Sfakians are famous for their hospitality. The locals welcome their guests like friends. Many visitors come back to Crete to visit Sfakia year after year. Enjoy their generosity!

Impressive nature

Impressive nature

Rough white topped mountains up to 2453 metres high, split by 25+ gorges, fertile plains, forests, and the blue sea, and inbetween them small whitewashed villages with many coves and unspoilt beaches.

History and tradition

History and tradition

Brave people that have stood up against their many invaders, preserving their tradition of independence, celebrating their victories with music, poetry and dance, together with friends!